Below is a list of all signers of the School Safety Proposal. If you haven’t signed yet, you can do so here.

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Initials of your name (i.e. D.T.) Title 1 - Citizen Title 2 - Occupation City State
A.F. Parent 3rd grade Teacher Prineville OR
A.F. Parent   Albany OR
A.F. Grandparent   Redmond OR
A.G. Parent   Redmond OR
A.H. Youth Student Redmond OR
ADB Parent SAHM Salem OR
B.D. Grandparent Retired State Trooper Bend OR
B.G. Parent   Tualatin OR
C.A. Parent Contractor Crooked River Ranch OR
C.B. Grandparent   Madras OR
C.B. Parent   Bend OR
C.C. Parent   Redmond OR
C.C. Parent   Vancouver WA
C.C. Parent Veteran Redmond OR
C.C. Parent Elementary Teacher Redmond OR
D.F. Grandparent   Redmond OR
D.K. Grandparent   Prineville OR
G.C. Parent Sheriff's Office Deputy Bend OR
H.D. Grandparent Volunteer Firefighter Culver OR
J.A. Parent Jefferson County Sheriff Madras Oregon
J.A. Parent Registered Nurse Crooked River Ranch OR
J.D. Grandparent   Salem OR
J.K. Parent   Discovery Bay CA
J.M. Parent   Prineville OR
K.C. Parent   Bend OR
K.D. Parent   Albany OR
K.D. Grandparent   Bend OR
L.C. Parent   Bend OR
L.H. Grandparent   Bend OR
L.L. Parent Retired Bus Driver Madras OR
LB Parent Detective Metolius OR
M.A. Grandparent Retired Principal Madras OR
M.C. Parent Construction Manager Bend OR
M.E. Parent   Albany OR
M.E. Parent   Albany OR
M.H. Parent Sheriff's Office Patrol Captain Madras OR
M.H. Parent Nurse Redmond OR
M.K. Citizen   Bend OR
N.D. Grandparent Volunteer Firefighter Culver OR
P.D. Grandparent   Salem OR
R.A. Grandparent Pharmacist Madras OR
R.F. Parent   Albany OR
R.H. Parent   Redmond OR
S.D. Parent   Bend OR
S.K. Grandparent   Prineville OR
SB Parent   Salem OR
T.D. Parent   Prineville OR
T.L. Parent   Forest Grove OR
T.L. Parent   Madras OR
V.M. Grandparent   Redmond OR
Displaying 1 - 50 of 371 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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